Natalie Michnya Life Advisor life coach & Artist

Natalie Michnya

Watch my video and see how I can help you with being a life advisor, psychic, life coach all in one. I am also an artist with Saatchi Art Gallery.   contact me if you would like to commission me for a painting.

My Story

With rare psychic gifts I have never take for granted, I am able to tell you what someone's thinking, or planning. Look in to a persons subconsous as well as their past to tell you why they act,or think in a certain manner. I also profile indiviuals that have commited crimes in order to help law enforment to bring the person to justice. I also have the ability to talk with people & pets who have past over to the other side which I love to call HOME. 

A new news article that just came on a haunted house I was ask investigate:

As a medical intuitive & natural healer, I have a level 1 certification in Reiki because I am so sensitive that it was extremely hard to pass the person's aliment through me, so when I cleared a client from what is going on with their bodies, I would take over the pain of the client who was experiencing it. Thank Goodness for friends who attuned me so now when I do a healing I am good to go, the ailment passes straight through me.

I also do life coaching with a large number of my clients in which I give them the tools and insight for healing their psychology wounds of the past so they may move on with their lives in a spiritually healthy way of life. I believe body, mind, & soul are connected so once we have all 3 in balance our lives and thoughts are well balanced so when making major or any descions with ones life it will always come from their heart as well as never regret their choices in life.

You will find most of my clients & friends have a blast with my straight forward answers, & comic relief that tends to happen to me on a daily basis. I am always loving, caring, with a kind straight forward answer in a nice manner I am able to look at any situation you ask me about so please don't be shy. 

I also am an animal communicator in which I love. I do communicate with the dead which I find so much fun, & have recently begun doing group readings for people & pets who have past over. 

I am also an artist working with pastel & Oil portraits, & Paintings of your pets both alive & past over. Please contact me if you would like a portrait of your beloved four legged BFF, or any other type of painting.

I am working on a few great new projects which include my own line of candles & sprays for both people, & animals. I will be starting a new radio show in the near future, so please check my website & join me on Facebook ans Twitter as I begin my new ventures. 

What can I say other than you just have to make Lemonaide out of those sour lemons.

Additional Information: 

Though Natalie was born psychic, she's worked professionally in her field for over 15 years. Before she decided to commit full time to her calling, Natalie worked in the medical field. She seemed to always know what was wrong with a person before the doctor pronounced thier diagnosis, but Natalie always refrained from voicing her accurate findings. As a fully functioning Empath, she's always been able to feel others' feelings, so working in an office became exceedingly difficult. Once she fully devoted herself to her psychic work, everything immediately fell into place, as it was meant to. It was like coming home for her.

At times. she'd work with law enforcement on missing people, murders, and robberies, helping officials to close the book on cases that had eluded them until she came on the scene. She found she could also stand on a piece of land and describe, in full detail, the scenes that had tragically occurred. She's been tested in this regard, and the results have been no less than astonishing!

Her clients range from everyday working people to well known celebrities in Hollywood, and also include life coaches with very large companies. Her philosophy is that no matter where you are in life, she can always bring you back to where you need to be.

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